College Facility

College has well equipped VCC with outdoor and indoor patients sections and client accommodation facilities. It has medicals, surgical, gynecological, diagnostic and ambulatory clinical section.
The college have a well developed LFC with livestock units and infrastructure for maintenance of livestock, animals of different species, storage facilities for feed and fodder with a large sized fodder production area.
In addition to department, College provides common and administrative facilities- i.e.- Dean office, visitors room, committee room, office room (for office staff, general, academics, accountant and establishment section), central store, personal staff room, toilet facilities for visitors, office staff and students, record room, photocopying facility, canteen, conference hall, seminar room, 5 nos. lecture halls, examination hall, drinking water facility, playground, boys hostel, girls hostel, animal houses for small laboratory animals, central computer lab, central diagnostic lab, microphotography and processing unit, transport facility, artificial insemination centre, parental medical hospital for students and staff and cold room facility.